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Angel Ortiz

Angel Ortiz

Playa Del Carmen, Quintana Roo


I am just an artist that enjoy my work
all forms of exploration and celebration of beauty in all it's manifestations
I strive to create unique art pieces that stir the mind, delight the eye and touch the heart..

Angel Ortiz was born in Progreso in the Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico . He was born a gifted artist, achieving numerous awards for his artwork at school since he was very young. Angel has been in love with nature ever since, attracted by the ocean's magnificence and vast open space of his native land.

Angel has been painting surrealism He worked as a fisherman while attending at mechanical engineer school in 1988. He became a licensed navigator and certified scuba diver. Not content, he travelled to other countries such as Canada in 1991, Cuba in 1992; He became a freelance designer and photographer in 1993 in the United States, and Europe 2001-2004 to enrich his art techniques.

To Angel it is important to take a painting beyond what he has gained to that extension of excellence that is found in the artist himself. Angel's images are personal statements with some mystery that moves you every time that you encounter them.

Cultural Participations in: Progreso, Cancun, Playa del Carmen, Ciudad de Mexico, Museo Diego Rivera Anahuacally (Mexico D.F). Merida, Chichén-Itza, Mahahual (Mexico). Toronto, Vancouver (Canada). Dallas, Laredo TX, Salt Lake City (EU). Roma, Venezia (Italia). Paris (France). Zurich, Brugg, (Suizerland), Brightown (UK).
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Organico XXlX by Angel Ortiz


Organico XXVll by Angel Ortiz


Organico XXVlll by Angel Ortiz


El flautista by Angel Ortiz


Dragon conch by Angel Ortiz


La flautista 2 by Angel Ortiz


Organico XX by Angel Ortiz


Organico XXl by Angel Ortiz


Organico XXVl Historia by Angel Ortiz


Organico XXV Ave fenix by Angel Ortiz


Playa de noche by Angel Ortiz


Belleza por cenizas by Angel Ortiz


Organico XXVl by Angel Ortiz


Queen Conch by Angel Ortiz


Musica by Angel Ortiz


Skydiver by Angel Ortiz


Planting flowers by Angel Ortiz


Marflo 3 by Angel Ortiz


Mahahual by Angel Ortiz


White Shark by Angel Ortiz


delphinus by Angel Ortiz


Borealis by Angel Ortiz


Tifon water sprout by Angel Ortiz


Arquera by Angel Ortiz


Sakura by Angel Ortiz